Offshore Applications

The SchuF Group designs and manufactures isolation and control valves for the most severe service conditions. Offshore valves have to withstand the corrosive sea water atmosphere as well as exacting safety standards.


Typical valve types used in Offshore industries:


Offshore Line Blind System

Absolute positive shut-off is essential on FPSO, oil rigs and maritime vessels in order to carry out maintenance or shut down in case of emergency. The SchuF Group Maritime Line blind valve is ideal for this severe environment due to a number of features:

Cam-Set Line Blind on Oil Rig Gulf of Mexico

Cam-Set Line Blind valves on Canadian Tanker

Cam-Set Line Blind valves on an Oil Rig in the Gulf of Mexico and on a Canadian tanker, Photos: ©SchuF


  • One man, one side operation
  • Quick blind changing – less than 1 minute
  • No line spreading or bolt removal
  • Positive dead tight shut-off
  • Size 1” to 20” ASME 150# to ASME 900# - standard
  • Special re-inforced offshore design 


The Maritme line blind system is provided with a monel stem, brass handwheel, stainless steel bolting and a Sermetal 85 coating. They are safe, convenient and fast to operate.

For more information, please see the line blind product page.

Automatic Recirculation Valves (ARV) for Maritime Applications


The protection of large centrifugal pumps on FPSO’s, platforms and maritme vessels is critical to ensure operational efficiency and safety. ARValves protect pumps during low load operation, and provide a non return and pressure modulation functionality. They are typically used to protect crude oil pumps; booster pumps; and boiler feed water pumps.

Automatic Recirculation valve for offshore applications  Automatic Recirculation Valves for maritime applications

Photos: ©SchuF


SchuF provides a range of standard ARV from 1” to 14” and up to ASME 4500# class as well as a special offshore ARV valve design. The Offshore ARV are suitable to protect: 

  • Seawater injection pumps
  • Seawater lift pumps
  • Firewater pumps

Special body (e.g. sea water resistant Duplex with 22% chrome) and trim materials are used in these applications.
For detailed information, please see the ARV product page:


Control Valves for Offshore Applications


SchuF has a broad range of control valves suitable for pressure letdown, temperature, feed and level control in offshore applications. The key features of the SchuF control valve range include:

  • DN 25  (1 inch) to DN 500 (20 inch)

  • forged or castBody geometry with constant acceleration to the seat

  • High Cv value throughput

  • Cv sizing for 3 stage flow

  • Flow to open or close valve designs

  • Single or multistage letdown

  • Linear, true equal % and SchuF X3 bell curve control characteristic

  • Tight shut-off (Class VI – API 598)

Are you looking for a special valve design fitting your requirements?

Please contact Mr. David Donne (Global Sales Director) at:  or  T +49 6198 571 110


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Video gallery
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